Best Steam Mop

Steam mop cleans 99% of bacteria and further you need not use any toxic chemicals like bleach for cleaning to clean the surface. There are new and best steam mops 2017 listed in to have a glance. Once you shortlist the models, you can take a demo and finalize one of them. Once you finalize a model, you can have an eye for deals before buying to save some money. The steam cleaner is a useful household machine if you have hard floors to be cleaned. You can use the steam cleaner to clean tiled floors, laminated floors or any rough surface.

Steam Cleaner Guide

You should be clear on what you want your steam cleaner to do and the surface you wish to clean. You can just buy a basic steam mop if you wish to clean floors alone as the steam mops are well known for cleaning hard floors. They can also be used for freshening carpets and removing stains from carpets. They are much cheaper than the 2-in-1 steam mops, which can be converted into a handheld version for performing other tasks.

If you are looking to clean floors and other surfaces then the best steam mops would be those who serve as dual purpose both as normal steam mops and handheld devices as well. This means they can be helpful for cleaning kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, screens and much more with the help of a single cleaner.

It is better to check in a store or take a demo before buying a mop instead of just buying a mop seeing the customer reviews. The larger steam cleaners are heavier when compared to steam mops, but since they have wheels attached to it, they seem to be lighter to drag around the house. There are also lightweight, compact models available which are easy to be carried on your shoulders.

Cylinder steam cleaners take at least few minutes to get ready, but the advantages are long lasting. Some cleaners can also be topped while cleaning as you need not stop to turn off the cleaner to keep them moving.

Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most efficient and eco-friendly alternative when compared to a traditional method which includes mops, cleaning liquids and buckets. Steam cleaning is also fast, and hence it is preferred by the majority of the people to keep the house clean and free of germs.

Since steam cleaning is toxic free, it makes your house toxic free and provides a safer environment which is both kid and pet-friendly. Many cleaning liquids contain Sodium Hypochlorite which is corrosive in nature. If either a kid or pet is in close contact with the surface cleaned with these chemicals then their eyes would burn, lungs will get damaged and may cause skin irritations. Though you can’t see the side effects immediately, you can notice the after effects in due course of time. Since steam mops make use of only heat and water your house can be free of chemicals and pollution.