Do you know all the facts about the relationship between pregnancy and cat litter? If you have been infected with Toxoplasma, a type of parasite before becoming pregnant, then your unborn child is safe from being infected by this disease. The health experts suggest that you want to wait for at least six months to become pregnant once infected by this disease.

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You think that you would have been infected with Toxoplasma. Then your doctor recommends a blood test to verify Toxoplasma antibodies when you are pregnant. Being infected with Toxoplasma before pregnancy or during pregnancy period can spread the disease to the unborn child. The infants infected with Toxoplasma do not show any symptoms at the birth time, but they can develop severe symptoms at the later stage like mental disability, blindness, etc. Sometimes newborns may have a severe brain or eye damage at birth.

Cats are the primary cause of this disease. They spread this disease by consuming infected rodents, small animals or birds. Toxoplasma parasite is then transferred in the cat feces. The cats and kittens discard a lot of parasites in their feces for so long as a three week period after the infection.

Kittens and cats use litter boxes, sandboxes or garden soils for removal of waste and you will be contacted unintentionally by contacting the litter box or gardening without safety gloves. You will also be infected by taking vegetables and fruits from the contaminated water or soil when they are not washed, peeled or cooked.

You don’t want to give up your cat when you are becoming or planning to become pregnant. Avoid contacting cat litter box as much as possible. Cover the outdoor sandboxes and never allow a new cat into your home when you are pregnant.